An Appeal to Dear Kaverian Students

Dear Students,
Wish and Pray GOD that all of You are Good! Please take care!

The world and our Great Nation India is facing, perhaps, the worst ever calamities, CORONA! But we are, as a human being and as a Nation, Committed to overcome all the calamities. This spirit we have always shown and proved in the past!

Our Government, Administration, Doctors, Nurses, Police and all Public Servants (Angels) are taking all the necessary steps and measures. It is our duty to support all of them in our own interests.

  1. Please keep patience. Keeping patience is the first requirement in difficult situations!
  2. Don’t forward, believe any fake post. Better we avoid social media messaging and communication about CORONA
  3. Take utmost care and ask the friends and family to take care
  4. You can Call/ message to teacher and coordinator for necessary online support, guidance, etc to solve your query, remedial teaching, submissions, etc
  5. Try to use available online study material (whatever possible)
  6. Believe and trust any communication, instructions, etc received only through proper channel and authority
  7. Don’t forward any unnecessary messages, suggestions, etc on college or Student groups. College administration is taking all necessary precautions as per University directives
  8. If you have any suggestions, query, etc you can directly contact the teacher and coordinator
  9. Always We have to and we can find solutions in difficult situations so need not worry
  10. Use the time to complete study and prepare for examinations
  12. United (hereby spirit and commitment) we Stand!

सवना गुढीपाडवाआण नववषा हादक शुभेा!
Let us pray Almighty to give us the strength to overcome the present worldwide problem!

Dr. Ashok Agrawal
Kaveri College of Arts, Science and Commerce Pune

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